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The Dual Career Agent: A Necessity or Danger?

Although “dual career” sounds much more important than “part-time,” the result is the same. The conflict an agent feels when he has another job is causing the consumer to rate our service lower than ever.

Commission Advance: Don't Stand in the Payday Loan Line

Need a little money to tide you over to the next closing? A “commission advance” program is likely the worst possible solution. Here’s why.

Option vs. Right of First Refusal

Unless the wording of the contract accurately and adequately conveys the intentions of the parties, things may not work out as planned. Here is a case in point.

Eight Ways to Keep in Touch With Past Clients

While many Realtors struggle with cold calling and daily prospecting, others have past clients and referrals reaching out to them every day. Ongoing relationship-building is instrumental to building that coveted “referrals-based business.”

Raising a Company or Raising a Family, the Fundamentals Are the Same

If we are going to spend a good portion of our life at work, we should all try to have fun doing it.

Who Cares About Income Inequality?

Millions of American’s are struggling today, but the solution is not to level down those at the top. It’s to liberate all producers so that every American is free to rise as high as his ambition and ability will take him.

Does Coaching Really Help?

Listen to comments from professionals who have engaged coaches to help grow their careers.

Four Truisms to Develop Exceptional Team Leadership

“Team” is no longer a four-letter word. The importance and implementation of leadership through teamwork and synergy is back in style in the real estate industry.

Yes! Farming Works in the Luxury Price Range

With a bit of fine-tuning, the techniques you may already be implementing in the average price market can work to help jump start your luxury business, as well. Here are some tips.

How Best to Relieve a Client’s Stress

To become the best agent in your area, become adept at putting people at ease. Here are some tips for keeping them stress-free.

Brokers: Make Your Business Plan a Profit Center for 2021

If you want to make more money, gain time, open another office, or create an office that’s saleable, it all starts with thinking through your business, getting it down on paper, and attaching systems to each of your action plan items.

Focus On High-Gain Activities

Once upon a time, real estate was a provider-driven market. Customers listened to their agent and almost literally signed on the dotted line. Today, customers control the transaction. It's a whole new world and you have little choice but to join it.

Leading Real Estate Companies of the World: Leading the Way

Comprised of nearly 600 real estate firms with 150,000 sales associates in the U.S. and 30 countries, this network was responsible for $250 billion in sales last year.

Mouseholing: How to have your cake (or cheese) and eat it too.

The new buzzword that is quietly sweeping through the property market.

How to Handle the Most Common Objections

Objecting is a normal stall in the buying process. It’s just a way of slowing things down. Here are some of the most common objections, and some tips on how to overcome them.

Grow Your Income: Earn NAR’s BPOR Certification

In today’s competitive marketplace, getting the Broker Price Opinion right is a critical part in getting the listing—and getting it sold.

Brookfield’s 2011 Global Relocation Trends Survey

Optimism reigns as 61 percent of global companies expect to transfer more employees in 2011 than in 2010. While this is a sign of improvement, obtaining spouse/partner employment during international assignments continues to be a struggle.

Seven Tips to Thrive This Holiday Season

Are you wondering how to survive this Holiday Season? How about transforming stress into joy? How about making more money, instead of going in the hole? Here are seven tips to help you thrive this Holiday Season, financially, emotionally, and ener

Don’t Take It Personally! Overcoming Rejection, Judgments and Criticism

Remember the Godfather's sage advice: "It's nothing personal, Sonny. It's strictly business." Ten sure-fire ways to avoid rejection.

Safety First!

Nearly twenty years ago, the National Association of Realtors took action to promote Realtor safety, and each year thereafter September has been designated “National Realtor Safety Month” to focus attention on the problem and to search out solutions.

Make Real Estate Part of Retirement Planning

With the uncertainty of the economy and social security benefits, many investors are paying more attention to retirement planning strategies.

Removing the ‘Barbarians’ -- and Guards -- from Your Gates

Have any “gated communities” in your area? Here’s some information that may help them reduce their expenses while increasing their security—and their member satisfaction. Read how one Florida community approached the problem.

Recruiters: What's your 'Attractiveness' Quotient?

If you're recruiting and not getting the results you want, it may be because you're not 'attractive'. Here's how to create powerful magnets to recruit winners.

Time-Tested Tips for Getting Referrals from Within Your Sphere of Influence

Focus on what you “want,” not on what you “don’t have.” You’ll become more positive and attract more of what you want.

Use Purposeful Questions to Close More Sales

The economy is always a challenge, but what stops one person moves another. Purposeful questions can uncover the motivations that will drive a sale.

Game-Changing New Web Platform Provides Transparency -- Empowers Buyers, Sellers and Agents

Zeppidy, Inc. harnesses the power of web technology to streamline the process of buying and selling a home.

Scrimmaging vs. Role-playing

Enjoy role-playing at work as much as you do at home.

Drip Those Online Listing Leads

Moving those online “leads” from “curiosity” to “engagement” takes a bit of follow up. Here is a week-by-week plan for making that happen.

Manage Information. Don't Be Abused By It

The more information we attempt to consume, the more we seek to acquire. Self Management needs to include some "shelf management" to prevent information overload.

Happy “Independents” Day--An Editorial

As you raise the flag on Independence Day, take pride in your status as an “independent contractor”—and in an industry that is so vital to the health of our national economy.

Selling with Emotion

A basic rule of selling is that people will buy what they want, whether or not they need it. Some insist on a property in a certain zip code when all they need is a four-bedroom home in the general vicinity. Others want a home in a specific school d

What You Focus on Grows

Kim Ades, president and founder of Frame of Mind Coaching, provides insights into simple things we can do everyday to assure personal progress and career growth.

What to Say to an Annoyed Client

Turn a listing client's complaint into an opportunity to re-engage them in the selling process.

15 Immutable Principles for Living the Life you Really Want

Don’t ask “What would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail?” but rather, “What would I do if I didn’t care if I failed?”

Prepare Yourself for Buyer Concerns

Only in a dream world would your buyers walk through a property and say, “It’s perfect. We love it. How soon can we close?” Here are some tips for turning buyer concerns into closing opportunities.

Four Vital Keys to a Successful Publicity Campaign

A successful PR campaign needs clearly defined goals and an action plan for when the media comes calling.

It's About Time!

Whether you’re a whirling dervish of perpetual motion, or stalled in a state of overwhelmed paralysis, you can heal your relationship with your clock. Here are some tips to help mend the leak in your time bucket.

Solo 401k – The Ultimate Retirement Plan for Real Estate Agents

Take a look at a retirement vehicle that allows many types of investments, including real estate. A good tool for you—and for your self-employed prospects.

Not just Another Job: A Labor Day Editorial

Some things to ponder if you have to pass up a Labor Day picnic to show a home, or leave the barbecue behind to present an offer.

Cut your Tax Bill by $10,000 with Solo 401k!

The idea of a 401k may make you jump to two conclusions: “My company is too small” and “I can’t afford it.” Well, you’re not … and you can!

Great Agents: 4 Principles to Follow to Create a Great Team

Great agents: Are you thinking about building a team? Hiring your first assistant? Here are 4 important things you must have in place first to hire a winner.

Survey Data Reveals Change in Consumer Home Buying Habits Survey Finds Buyers are Inclined to Conduct More of Their Home Buying Process Online.

Does Your Motivation Leave When the Going Gets Tough?

It can get tough in real estate sales (and management). Here are 4 ways to revive your motivation and get inspired when obstacles threaten to overcome you.

Creating Clients for Life —• Inside a 98% Referral Business With Bob Wolff (DVD)

By David Knox, David Knox Productions, Minneapolis, MN. $95. Orders and information:

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