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How To Turn Down Time Into Prime Time

Jul 13, 2022

Posted by

Dave Anderson

President of Dave Andersons Learn To Lead, an international sales and leadership training and consulting company, Dave has led some of the most successful retail automotive dealerships in the countryt Read more

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What you do with your daily down-time will greatly determine your success-or failure-in sales. Don’t make the mistake of “waiting” for something to happen each day. That passive approach is the DNA of losers and underachievers in sales. By taking a proactive, structured approach to your down-time, you will shape your days rather than being shaped by them. Following are ten simple samples of productive activities you can use to make each day a masterpiece of productivity.


1. Role-play a script. Use an objection, closing, appointment setting, or asking-for-referral technique. Stay sharp and confident in-between customers and you’ll be ready to maximize the next customer!


2. Plan tomorrow or the rest of the week. Invest in and use a planner to schedule your priorities, to create structure to keep you focused and to shape your day rather than reacting and being shaped by your circumstances.


3. Assess your strengths..Study what your competitors offer and learn to present the strengths of your services against it.  Find your weak spots and take steps to improve.


4. Practice a presentation. The level of your practice determines the level of your play! Practicing presentations creates confidence and reduces stress. Practice converting features and advantages into benefits.


5. Assemble or update your master list. This list contains all working, sold and prospective customers. It’s a potential goldmine! Assembling, updating and marketing to this list requires constant attention and focus. The payoff is that it allows you to create a business within a business that makes you less dependent on new customers each year.


6. Create a customer newsletter. This is borderline marketing genius that keeps your name in front of your customers and prospects regularly to maintain name recognition and earn future business. Keep this simple: One page front and back is plenty. Send it out to your master list every 45-60 days. Include specials, updates on products, quotes, tips and the like.


7. Prospect! Stop waiting to be hunted and go hunting! Make something happen by deliberately letting more people know who you are, what you do and where you work. Start with the people where you spend your money.


8. Go on a phone blitz. Call working deals, dead deals, current customers, focus on appointments and on referrals. Set daily quotas for the number of contacts you make. Don’t stop until you hit them!


9. Write, review or update your goals and plans. Create a Goal’s Notebook and review, tweak and update it as a regular discipline. List specific goals, plans and deadlines. Mix short and long-term. Have dividers in the notebook for different aspects of your life: business goals, financial, personal, physical, relationship and the like.


10. Familiarize yourself with your inventory. You can’t sell what you don’t know exists. Walk through your inventory and keep your sales arsenal fresh. This should be a daily discipline.


Each day you have a choice: you can wait for something to happen, watch what happens or make something happen! By getting more proactive and turning your downtime into prime time, you focus on the areas of your job that you can control. This creates the personal momentum, morale and activity that create sales and separates you from the hordes of sales “victims” who twiddle their thumbs, run their mouths and blame the world for their lack of greater success.