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How Many Buyers and Sellers Will You Meet Today?

Feb 2, 2021

Posted by

Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn

Jennifer Allan Hagedorn was a top producing real estate broker in Denver, Colorado before writing her first book in 2007. Since then, she has written several more books about the business of selling r Read more

I remember when I was a brand-spanking new agent back in 1996, I contacted my previous human resources manager and offered to show relocating employees around Denver if they were looking for a rental.  I figured - what the heck?  After all, they're renters today; but maybe buyers tomorrow and besides, I could use the practice getting around town.

Good for me.

Well, just the other day, I talked with a new agent who is considering adding property management to his menu of services.  I asked him why and he replied that he thought it would be a good opportunity to make contacts with people who will probably buy a home eventually.

Good for him.

But... here's where I'd like to see that reasoning tweaked just a little.

Yes, renters may eventually become buyers, and later, sellers.  But... not because they're renters.  They may eventually buy or sell a home because they're human beings.

This is an example of laser-focused prospecting I caution against.  Agents try to identify specific groups of people to target with their marketing and focus their efforts on that group.  Other popular targets include first-time buyers, home-builders, divorcing couples and newlyweds.  Some agents watch the obituaries in hopes of scoring a good listing or two.

And there's nothing wrong with identifying a group or groups of people you want to work with and customizing your approach to them!  But you know what's cool about our business?  Almost EVERYONE who crosses your path "may eventually buy or sell a home"—whether they're renters, builders, first-timers or newlyweds.  Just make it your goal to cross paths with as many warm bodies as possible as you go about your day!