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Will You Achieve Your “It” This Year?

Mar 17, 2022

Posted by

Terri Murphy

Bio: Terri Murphy is a communication consultant, speaker, and a published author of 5 books, including her latest with Donald Trump. She is the founder and Pres. of and serves Read more

How are you doing on achieving your “it” this year?  Everybody has an “it” at the beginning of each year.  You know those lofty goals set right after New Year’s day that we enthusiastically pursue with big plans and big new ideas, for a while anyway.

But then, daily life gets in the way, and as we approach the final months of the year the bottom line show the real results of how well we did or did not do in our execution.  But there is still time! Are you willing to re-focus, re-vamp and re-ignite your plan to really make this year-end more profitable?

What we’ve found in our coaching is that too many entrepreneurs want to arrive without having made the trip! In other words, you’ve got to commit to a change in your daily behavior to arrive at a new destination of your choosing!

If you’re like most of us, it’s a tough enough challenge to stay focused with the constant distractions and fluctuations in a typical day.  If we could just stay on track, many of us would end the year with more listings, sales, profit and personal satisfaction.

So what happens when we get to the mid-year point in the calendar when we seem to have gotten stuck in the ordinary instead of the extraordinary?  How about kicking it into high drive with a highly targeted, high energy and profit rich plan to blast thru the finish line?

Here are 3 proven strategies to put you on track to the profit zone:

  • Start with a DAILY plan of action!  Nothing happens without a map to get to your destination.  Too many of us neglect to set the time aside in order to deploy the activities that are required to arrive at a different point of our destination. Use a daily FOCUS sheet that list your top 3 money making priorities to stay on target when the distractions happen that try to knock you off course.
  • Break it down:  Start with a broad scope. Work backwards from the end of the year.  Determine the necessary quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily activities you must execute in order to reach your goals. Make sure you SEE them every day. Post them in your car, on your mirror in your daily planner.  Plan, measure and monitor your time and schedule every day to be sure you are positioned to get to your finish line.  
  • And the last and critical difference between those fully committed and those who will fall by the wayside is focus.  Even Olympic gold winners and superstars need a little help staying on track, so getting someone to hold you accountable can be the big differentiator between a mediocre to a magnificent year end.  Consider getting a personal real estate coach or join a group coaching program to help you be healthy, wealthy, and profitable and focused for success for the balance of this year and years to come!