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Is Artificial Intelligence Taking Over  Our Lives?

Oct 3, 2016

Editor’s Note:  While firewalls protect us from cyberattacks, and software programs seek out and destroy malicious viruses, an even greater threat may be looming. Here are some thoughts to ponder from Shelley Palmer, one of the nation’s top cyber-thinkers.

I'm not really worried about rogue computers threatening our lives. I'm worried about the small number of programmers and coders charged with realizing the financial and political goals of their patrons. Could a ubiquitous social network skew or even direct an election? Could a traffic control system delay certain people from getting to work on time? Could an AI-enhanced financial services company deny loans or insurance due to zip code or race because it is the "best outcome" based on its programming? Could we train the AI that controls our news, communications and entertainment to restrict us to our comfort zones without even realizing what we've done?

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