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Game-Changing New Web Platform Provides Transparency -- Empowers Buyers, Sellers and Agents

Oct 5, 2016

Buying or Selling a home can be a confusing and time-consuming project, even with all the information that is available online today.  Portland, Oregon-based Zeppidy, Inc. has just released a mobile-friendly platform that might make the process a lot easier, not only for the buyer and seller, but for the real estate agent as well.  The platform has been built from the ground up to connect the entire search and listing-to-closing experience into one online platform.  The end result is a simple, transparent, streamlined experience for everyone.

According to the company’s recent press release, other advertising-based property search sites have paved the way for consumers to locate a home online, but none provide a comprehensive approach for agents and consumers to navigate the entire process, from search or listing to closing.  And because Zeppidy is a subscription-based service for agents, it is not only free for buyers, but users are also spared unwanted advertising on the site.

Current marketing practices often force Realtors into awkward premature attempts to engage consumers in their home transition process, diminishing the value perception of the hard working agent.

“We developed a permission-based approach," says Gary Schultz Founder and CEO.  “On Zeppidy, property inquiries go directly to subscribing listing agents or sellers.  Zeppidy weekly organized Neighborhood Showings provide buyers a low-pressure shopping experience where they can visit homes at their own pace.  And when ready, consumers can request a referral from Zeppidy to an independent real estate agent.”

The Zeppidy platform offers rich contextual property information, digital agent-to-consumer collaboration, and innovative online transaction tools for both consumer and real estate agent.

“Zeppidy has been a breath of fresh air for the real estate world,” explains Victoria and Chris Owen, owners of real estate firm, ‘Real Estate Superheroes.’  “We love that we can send buyers to the platform knowing they are exploring actual active/available properties for sale, unlike other sites.  On Zeppidy, our clients get all the information and transparency they need to be in the driver’s seat as we advise and service them throughout the biggest financial decision of their lives.”   

Zeppidy removes scheduling hassles of touring and showing homes with a fresh new geographic-based scheduling concept (Neighborhood Showings®) that creates convenience for all participants.  Utilizing a proprietary scheduling methodology, Zeppidy organizes metro areas into zones and assigns a showing time in each zone every week, so all the participating listings in the zone are showing at the same time. 

Do-It-Yourself sellers are provided a simple and integrated step-by-step process that keeps them educated throughout the sale.  Having the DIY sellers in the mainstream marketplace unifies inventory for buyers and provides additional opportunity for the real estate agent.  Zeppidy requires DIY sellers to compensate buyer’s agents a commission, incentivizing them to show the property to their buyers.

“Zeppidy is the first integrated platform where all of the information and transactional capabilities are in one place to simplify and streamline the process,” says Schultz.

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