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Motivating the 'Tough Case' Agent: Best Motivating Actions

Jul 16, 2014

Posted by

Carla Cross

About Carla Cross, CRB, MA International speaker, trainer, and coach specializing in career development, business planning, brokerage management, leadership, and instructor development. What sets Read more

How do you motivate that tough case agent? Take the motivational actions that push them back to the 'growth' portion of the career life cycle'. You know what that is: Your 1-5 year agents have it. They are enthusiastic, excited, and up for challenges.

Symptoms of an unmotivated 'mature' agent'. Bored, frustrated, feeling useless, know it all……what kinds of things wake us up and rejuvenate us? Something new, a surprise, a new idea. Costco does this better than any other box store. We don’t go there just for the prices. We go there for the surprises.

Put the 'surprise' back into real estate. Let’s put that principle to work in our motivational actions. What we need to do is to push (gently, of course) that seasoned agent back to the growth part of the Career Life Cycle. Why? Just think of your ‘growth’ agents (1-3 years in the business). They are excited to try new things. They probably don’t know a different market, so they are enthused about tackling and conquering the present market. With the strategies below, you can help your seasoned agent back to ‘growth’.

Five Top Strategies to Motivate those Seasoned Agents

  1. Provide excitement: Something new/exciting they can take part in—how about a listing presentation contest
  2. Provide exclusivity: Classes just for them with a featured guest presenter
  3. Shore up self-esteem: Create a ‘senior mentor’ program
  4. Remind them of their value: Lead the group on a topic outside real estate they excel at
  5. Raise their self-confidence: Offer to coach them
How many of these have you implemented? Are you providing the motivational atmosphere to encourage risk? Action? Excitement? Enthusiasm? In our Career Achievement coaching program, we find that our main job is to provide this foundation for our mature agents to blossom again.

Going Past Motivation to Inspiration

Don’t just settle for motivation. You can be an inspiration to each of your seasoned agents. Through creating the motivators above, you are telling them you believe in them. Now, you are the CIO—Chief Inspiration Officer.