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Location, Location, Location

Sep 4, 2014

Posted by

Charles Dahlheimer

Recognized as one of the industrys leading visionaries, Dahlheimer is publisher of The Real Estate Professional magazine and The Real Estate Executive Summary.  He co-authored Real Es Read more

On Tuesday, U.S. military and Defense Department officials said the United States is preparing a possible redeployment of its drones in Niger to set up a forward base in the Sahara closer to Islamist militants blamed for attacks across the region.  So how big is “the region”?

We all know that the Sahara occupies a lot of real estate in North Africa.  But did you know that if you tried to relocate the Sahara Desert to the United States, it would not fit!  The Sahara desert covers 3.6 million square miles, while the 48 contiguous states and Washington D.C. occupy a combined area of 3.12 million square miles.  

And while we’re assessing foreign real estate, here are a few more interesting facts:

All of Europe (3.93 million sq. miles) is about the same geographic size as the US (3.7 million sq. miles), but its population (743 million) is a little more than double that of the US (319 million).

China’s land mass is the same as the US, but its population (1.4 billion) is nearly four and a half times that of the US.

India’s land mass (1.3 million sq. miles) is about 1/3 that of the US, but its population (1.2 billion) is nearly 4 times that of the US.

Russia has a land mass ( 6.6 million sq. miles) nearly double that of the US—but a population (144 million) about half that of the US.