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How to Inspire your Inspiration When the Going Gets Tough

Jan 8, 2015

Posted by

Carla Cross

About Carla Cross, CRB, MA International speaker, trainer, and coach specializing in career development, business planning, brokerage management, leadership, and instructor development. What sets Read more

hand above water last chanceDoes your inspiration hide out or start to drown when the going gets tough? How tenacious are you? If you're like most real estate agents, you told your interviewer that you had lots of determination. But, then, the realities of selling real estate started getting the best of you. For you newer agents, you've really had to master the basics (which is a good thing). It's been never more important, too, to get your 'inspiration props' in place to shore up your attitude when things don't go just right.

It's What You Become When You Weren't Looking

How many of you reading this intended to do exactly what you're doing as a little child or teenager? Probably not many. The woman I'm going to introduce you to started as a college music major, as did I. She graduated to a teaching career, and took the opportunity to work with educating children through a religious organization all over the world. at a meeting recently,  as I listened to her tell of her trials, tribulations, and adventures, I thought, how inspiring, how gifting, how critical her contributions are to the less fortunate. She truly inspired me, and started me asking myself, "What inspires others?"

Your 'Inspiration Props'

Every one of us needs 'props'--those things and people that provide impetus, motivation, and inspiration when the going gets tough. My observation is that, the more successful the person, the more apt that person is to have gained several 'props':

  1. People they can count on that will remind them of their uniqueness (includes your manager, your family, your co-workers, your friends)
  2. Inspirational quotes (keep a notebook with your favorites)
  3. Inspirational books (re-read your favorites frequently)
  4. Inspirational CDs and DVDs

Your Inspirational List

Do you have your arsenal of inspiration? Are you careful to read and put yourself around positive, inspirational people, people who encourage, not discourage you?

In Up and Running in Real Estate, I advise new agents to keep a journal of inspiring sayings and stories.

Where does your inspiration come from? Start building your 'inspiration fortress' now to help achieve your lofty goals. The bonus: You may become the one regarded 'most inspirational' by your peers--what an honor! (and, your inspiration won't be hidden, it will be shared!).