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Killing Your Clients with Kindness . . . and Value

May 31, 2022

Posted by

Walter Sanford

Walter Sanford has been designing and implementing real estate systems for 30 years. One of the most successful REALTORS and now wealthy from his systems, Sanford teaches his systems and strategies t Read more

Sometimes, we need to "kill" our clients with kindness and offer value. I know it goes against everything in our nature to turn the other cheek when they are being mean.

Recently, a coaching client had some challenges with a particular client, and I'm sure you have also worked with the kind of client who discourages you so much that you just want to hit the delete button!

How about offering a response that increases your fame and makes the client always wonder what they may be missing? They might not list with you, but they will never forget you.

Included in the balance of this article are the email from the client, the request for help from my coaching client, and then my suggested response.

Email from the Potential Client:

Sorry, I have been really busy. Let me tell you where I'm at with everything. You may or may not be interested.

I am definitely putting the house on the market. The house has been rented for the last 5 years with the same family. They originally signed a rent to own lease. Three years ago, they decided they didn't want to buy it.

Anyway, I recently informed them that I'm going to put the house on the market. Now, they are reconsidering buying the house. I don't think they will buy the house, but I guess you never know. If they do buy the house, it would be for sale by owner. I will not let them drag their feet.

We happen to know a lot of real estate agents.  Some are pretty good friends and with that comes opportunities at rates way under the norm. One of them did sell our last house quickly but circumstances have changed. I know you are a very good agentbecause I have heard other agents talk about you.

You may not be interested at this point anymore. If you are still interested, let me know what your best rate is. Let me know if you are okay with the current tenants on a "for sale by owner" agreement, if that happens. I would want a short-term agreement.  The current rent is higher than my mortgage payment so I'm okay if they don't buy and I'm not forced to sell at a low price. However, I want to sell ASAP. I'm wanting to purchase another property so I'm not going to overprice the house and I will negotiate.

Email from Coaching Client to Me:

Walter, this guy is a college basketball coach. I want to help him, but I need to have a chance to run a successful business, too! How do I answer this?

My response to my Coaching Client (to share with potential client):

Thank you so much for the nice words. It is very exciting to hear that our hard work is creating some buzz. I think we can accommodate you and exceed your expectations:

1.  We believe that we exceed client expectations more often than most agents, because we spend the time to understand what the client needs. Then we develop a customized program to meet and exceed that goal. We would love to help you in accomplishing your real estate needs.

2.  We would be happy to exclude the current residents from the listing agreement for 30 days. This would help in motivating the current residents to buy in that they can see the price discounted by the commission, if they commit to buy within the 30 day period. We would like to offer you our closing service that handles everything for a flat fee of $4,000. This handles the contract phase, aligning the team of affiliates, and the closing. This, of course, is at your option.

3. Our commissions are normal for our market, but we save you money over any commission discounter. Our specialty is increasing your net proceeds. We do this by bringing you more buyers with more effective marketing, better negotiating, better systems for handling inspections, better pre-approval tools for your buyer, better contracts, and less post-seller litigation from better contracts. Commission discounts usually cost you money because of the agent's lack of emphasis on your net proceeds check. It is like a basketball player who is playing with no heart, only for the scholarship.

4. Our rate is retail 6%. This may eliminate us, but that would be a short-sided conclusion. Here are 5 of the ways we can beat any commission discount:

A.  We beat the average List to sell ratio in (area) by a larger margin than any discount.

B.  We beat the days on market, which affects your carrying costs and lost opportunity costs on your equity.

C.  We have a low litigation rate as compared to national standards.

D.  We can market your home a little over retail due to our marketing.

E.  We urge a pre-inspection plan to get rid of the little and big problems before a buyer is involved and wants everything built new.

5.Our agreements are 6 months, but that is not what sells properties. Marketing and price sell property. If we are wrong about those two items, we will adjust every week based upon showings and consultations with you.

6. I would also like to advise you on a misconception. Rental costs average about 35% of market rent in our area. Add in lost opportunity costs on your equity that is not doing anything at this point. I can show you how your current position is losing you money every month.

I think our next step is a presentation of the tools we bring to achieve your goals. Listing with friends is loyal, but is it the best business decision? Do they have the tools and will you hold their feet to the fire when the results are not what you need? (Client's name), you know the difference superstars make on a team. Let's go for the win.

In It for the Long Term

It's not so much whether my coaching client obtained the listing, but he needed to stand up for a profitable, long term business. Never sell yourself short to get business. You will never be happy.

In these situations, I cannot guarantee an outcome, but I can guarantee the client will never forget you. You are planting seeds of discontentment with the small amount of money saved in a commission compared to not achieving their goal. Whether he/she admits it or not, he/she will have respect for you. Do more lead generation so you won't have to work so hard on leads like these.