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New Agents: Are You Bringing Your Life With You Into Real Estate?

Aug 3, 2015

Posted by

Carla Cross

About Carla Cross, CRB, MA International speaker, trainer, and coach specializing in career development, business planning, brokerage management, leadership, and instructor development. What sets Read more

New agents: Are you bringing your whole life with you into real estate? Most of us don’t. If you are a new real estate agent, you are probably feeling you don't know a thing! Or, if we're seasoned, we aren't taking advantage of the skills and talents we've developed in other parts of our life.  We're 'secret agents', letting the client think that all we have are some real estate skills.

Why the picture with the girl at the piano? Because that's my background--a piano teacher, performer, and coach for the first three decades of my life. As you read below, think about the skills and talents I developed as a pianist that directly benefit buyers and sellers (it took me years to figure this out, but the exercise below will help you figure your own talents and skills out right now!).

You Need High Confidence to Succeed in Sales

One of the problems with not using your whole life experience, is that it leaves us with a lack of confidence in real estate.  Here's an exercise I call Bringing your Skills and Talents to Real Estate Clients. Why is this important? When we’re new agents, we think we know nothing. We’re constantly humiliated with our lack of knowledge, and inability to handle objections. We get so tired of ‘nos’ that sometimes we forget that we are capable, honest, caring, responsible humans. We actually come into real estate with a whole adult experience of widely developed skills, qualities, and natural talents. These are much more useful to us than we give ourselves credit for. For us experienced agents: We fail to promote all those life skills we have gotten and we sub-consciously p ut to use in real estate. So, we sound and act like every other real estate agent people come across. That leads to less converted leads and less confidence.

Gaining That High Confidence and Promoting your Value

Let me give you an example. As many of you know, I was (and am) a musician since age four. But, when I went into real estate, I felt like I knew nothing! And, it is true I didn’t know anything about selling real estate. But, I carried with me many great skills into the business that in turn carried me to success fast. Can you guess what some of those skills were—and are?

Had to practice piano 2-4 hours                               Tenacity

Put off mastery for years                                            Persistence

Followed direction of a coach                                  Coach ability

Had to compete in performance                             Confidence

Show, not Tell

How could I show one of these traits that I had from all those years as a musician? Let's take tenacity.  Here's the example and how I showed it:

In my first year in the business, I actually presented an offer and went back and forth, getting counter-offer after counter-offer. I ended up with 10 counteroffers--and the sale! I just never gave up, because I felt it was in the best interest of both parties to buy and sell from each other. In my Professional Portfolio, I showed that marked-up purchase and sale agreement with a note on how it happened and the outcome. How else could I share that quality? I could show testimonials from my clients in social medial, and in my Professional Portfolio.

How to Find your Valuable Traits and Qualities: The Exercise

Draw three columns. Name the first ‘skills and talents’. Name the second ‘benefits to clients’. Name the third ‘how/where to show clients’.

Now, list at least three skills and talents from your former business life. What about these skills/talents are benefits to clients? How would you show this? Where would you show this?

Enlist a Partner

If you’re having some ‘mind blocks’ on how and where to show these benefits to clients, enlist a partner to brain storm the possibilities with you. Once you start crafting these, you’ll get much more excited about your ability to help people—along with that confidence to expand your leads and help more people.

How to Get that 'Believability

Clients believe what others say, not what we say.

Be believable.  Show examples of  your traits and qualities. Get testimonials. Your confidence will soar and you will be able to serve your clients much better.

marketing you 3 D
How Believable are You?

If I were moving to your area, and had to choose an agent prior to getting there, how would you prove you're the agent for me?  My resource, Marketing You, has dozens of ideas on how to show and prove your worth to potential buyers and sellers. It shows you how to make a dynamic portfolio (your Professional Portfolio). Using the strategies here also helps clients accept your advice. It provides you great confidence. It helps you win more often. For $59.95 and instant access (everything is digital, nothing sent to you), why wouldn't you invest in Marketing You? Find out more here.