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There Has Never Been a Better time to Recruit

Sep 8, 2011

Posted by

Judy LaDeur

Judy LaDeur is a name that is synonymous with Recruiting and Real Estate.  With more than 37 years working in the industry as an agent, broker and recruiter Read more

Today’s market has given us an opportunity that we have not seen in years, and many brokers are missing it! The current market has thousands of good agents looking for a company that is positioned to take them through the “projected three year recovery” period that they are reading about, and to give them the support that they know they need and want!

I recently met with a group of 18 brokers who made calls for 60 minutes and booked 38 interviews with experienced agents, team leaders and even brokers who were looking at their options.

What a great time to be recruiting!  Usually we have to wait for the competition to do or not do something that makes their agents leave.  But today, the market is making our job as brokers far easier when it comes to recruiting.

This is what I call a “situational recruiting opportunity”.  That means we have a specific “situation” that we can recruit to:  Today’s market!  We know what they want, and why they are leaving.  So, your job is to let the agents know what you can do to address that situation!  

If I were talking to agents today I would be asking them, “Is your broker doing the things that are needed to survive this market?  And are you getting the support that you need in today’s market?”

We know what agents need and want in today’s market:

  • More leads
  • More money
  • More sales
  • More support
  • More effective ways to market their listings
  • A positive environment to work in

What do you have that will address each of those needs?  Your marketing campaign should tell them what you can offer to address their needs in “today’s market.” and your follow up calls are designed to get them in to see what you can do to help them in today’s market.  

Keep your interview focused on what their needs are and how you can address those needs.  The agents out there are looking at their options!  

Not everyone is going to survive this market, and not all of them should. But any agent who is willing to work hard and learn how to work this market will make money!

Watch your own agents in their market as well.  Give them the tools and support they need to be successful and you’ll find it’s much easier to attract other agents.

Let’s get to work building that team!