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Title Insurance for Real Estate Professionals

May 4, 2010

Posted by

Kenneth Edwards

Ken Edwards became a top-producing real estate professional after a distinguished Air Force career, enlisting as a Private and retiring as a Colonel. His assignments included tours as Director of Rese Read more

Title Insurance for Real Estate Professionals  (2ND EDITION)

By Jeanine Johnson. Dearborn Real Estate Education. Chicago, IL. $12.27.

One of the many challenges facing the real estate professional in working with home buying clients is being able to explain in understandable terms the many elements that go in to seeing the purchase transaction through from start (signing the original contract to purchase) to closing (signing all the documents). This is particularly difficult if you’re working with first time buyers. That’s certainly understandable, since for most folks it’s likely to be the single largest monetary investment of their lives.

No matter what licensing program a new agent goes through they will be exposed to a variety of terms, since they will essentially be learning a new language, the language of real estate. One of those terms will be “title insurance.”

This book by Jeanine Johnson, which is in its second edition, covers that subject in an understandable and concise manner. Johnson is well qualified to author such a book, since she has more than 25 years in the field of land titles. She has been a closer, title examiner, abstractor, and operations manager for both title agents and title underwriters.

These are the chapter titles:

1.) The Basics of Title Insurance

2.) The Business of Title Insurance

3.)Title Insurance Myths and Truths

4.) How to Read Title Work Like a Title Professional

5.) Understanding Title Policies and

6.) Title Insurance Requires Professionals.

Each chapter starts with a summary of learning objects, glossary of terms, and ends with a concise summary, a case study and a series of questions. The book is part of a series of over 20 books in similar format. They are described by the publisher as “career-building titles” and can be reviewed by going to and accessing the bookstore link. That’s also where you can purchase this book.

If you believe you’re adequately informed on the topics this book covers, consider this: What if a client with whom you’re working asked you a question that went something like: “I’m a little confused by this whole process. Could you please explain to me the difference between title insurance, private mortgage insurance, and homeowner’s insurance?”