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Five Steps for Hiring the Right Person Every Time

Apr 11, 2011

Posted by

Greg Smith

Greg shows businesses how to identify, hire the right people and accelerate individual and organizational performance.  He helps businesses transform themselves into exceptional places t Read more

Hiring is like a game of strategy.  If you don’t play this game well, with the right plan in place, you might as well be rolling dice or spinning a roulette wheel.  The ball just keeps going round and round.

Peter Cappelli, a professor of management at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, said once that most companies are so bad at finding the right person for a job they have no idea whether their hiring process is even effective.

A study performed at Michigan State revealed that with all positions, from entry level to chairman, the typical employment interview is only a small percentage more accurate than flipping a coin.

Improving Your Level of Strategy at the Game

OK, so most of us don’t want to trust the hiring process of talent in the organization if it is just a hair better than a coin flip, but that is what is exactly happening in many companies.  For example, just because a person was a good systems analyst or building projects manager, doesn’t mean he or she understands the hiring process.

Also, just because someone invented Post-It notes or is a whiz with social media, doesn’t mean he or she has the right skills for your job opening.  Yet, with today’s growth demands in the face of an increasingly tight market for skilled employees, it is hard to find a balance between getting in the hiring game quickly, regardless of strategy and developing a process that will increase your chances of hiring the right talent for the right jobs.

So how do you answer the hiring needs of an organization in a world that demands both “fast” and “right”?

Game-Winning Strategy 

Some employers have hiring schemes that are formal, while other organizations  hire informally.  Regardless of which approach your managers and team leaders take, they need to be trained on the following five game-winning strategies:

1.)  Define what you’re looking for through the position description, job competencies and questioning strategies;

2.)  Plan the interview through sourcing, resume screening, the interview team and identifying the great reasons to work at your organization;

3.)  Conduct the interview in an appropriate climate and be able to respond to challenging interviewee questions;

4.)  Narrow the selection using a set of decision-making guidelines;

5.)  Make the final selection using a valid selection assessment based on competencies needed for success in the job.

Giving your selection managers the understanding and the tools they need to hire right the first time is truly the only way to approach hiring.  Otherwise, your ability to somehow try and force the ball to land on the winning number or to select the right people is simply hit or miss.

If you are lucky you’ll win or select the right person most of the time, but what if you’re  not lucky? Isn’t it better to have the right strategy and hire right the first time?