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What Are You Doing for Earth Day This Year?

Apr 15, 2022

 Editor’s note:  Are you getting your share of PR by participating in any community Earth Day events this year?  Send us your “success stories.”  E-mail to

While Earth Day promoters worldwide may have loftier goals in sight, the event might provide a great opportunity to remind your sellers, buyers, prospects about ways to “de-clutter” their homes.

People who are thinking about putting their homes on the market need to consider getting rid of excess baggage:  a great time to clean out closets, garages, basements.

In addition to the year-round resources for recycling, many communities sponsor special programs during the week prior and/or following Earth Day.  Organizations such as Goodwill have collection centers.  Hazardous household material, such as paints, chemicals can create problems, as they should not be placed in usual household trash dumpsters.  But most communities have centers where such material can be taken.  Need to research this and post details on your company and agent websites and promote in your newsletters.

Consider working with a local church or community organization to sponsor a community-wide “yard sale,” “flea market” or auction event.  You can be the major real estate sponsor just by getting the event going.  Work with a local company to sponsor a “Shred-It” truck at a neighborhood location—a school or church parking lot or shopping center location.  Have agents volunteer to staff this to meet and greet the public.  Use your real estate offices as drop-off centers.  Or, better yet, ask agents to volunteer to pick up from homeowners.  What a great way to introduce yourself—and to get into their homes.  Many who are interested in getting rid of “stuff” may just be considering making a move in the near future.  Why not be the first to talk to them?

Ask a local vehicle rental agency to participate by contributing the use of a van or truck on specified “pick-up” days. 

Put details on your website, along with a way for interested homeowners to contact you by e-mail if they want to volunteer to help or have household goods to contribute.  Then have all your promotion direct people to your website for information.

How about featuring an open-house to show off enerty efficient features.  Got a listing where new energy efficient windows have been installed?  Or an Energy-Star heat pump?  Any with solar panels, or new “tankless” high efficiency water heating systems?  What a great time to show them off and bring the community to your doors! 

The public relations opportunities don’t have to be restricted to Earth Day itself.  Consider hosting such events periodically through the year, perhaps with each change of season.