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I’m in Love with Divorce Attorneys

Sep 15, 2011

Posted by

Walter Sanford

Walter Sanford has been designing and implementing real estate systems for 30 years. One of the most successful REALTORS and now wealthy from his systems, Sanford teaches his systems and strategies t Read more



I recently received an inquiry about working with divorce attorneys, a practice that I did regularly as an agent in “no-fault” California.  I thought the exchange of information might be helpful to you in your lead generation systems, too.


“I purchased five of your books last year at an educational seminar held in Washington, and I have used them extensively.  I am just now working on attorney referrals, and in your Super Emails, Letters, and Web Content book, you have a letter entitled "Divorce Attorneys -- I Want to Get Your Client's Home SOLD."  At the end of that letter, you refer to an outline of 20 services you have for couples who are divorcing.  Can you please tell me where I can find that outline?


Hi, Kathleen.  I solicited attorneys of the divorce sort for years.  They are easy to find.  They almost always need to sell real estate to settle a case and get paid.  I would send them a letter about the services that we could offer, then follow up with a phone call after making it past the gate keeper.

The letter would detail how we were specialists in real estate sales for divorcing couples.  I would include testimonials from attorneys that we had helped in the past.  I would also include items that we include as value-added services:

1.         Free analysis of guaranteed sales value within 48 hours.

2.         Free marketing plans, customized to the owner's needs and including a time analysis so both parties can plan their moves.

3.         Complete discretion. There will be no disclosure to the agents who work at my company or to the buyers who make offers on the subject property regarding the litigation status of the property owners.

4.         Appointments will be made with the resident, prior to any showings.

5.         Future living arrangements can be made should the need be rentals or a new purchase.

6.         If a new purchase, submittals for consideration will be sent regularly during the marketing of the jointly-owned home.

7.         Pre-approval with a local “power” lender will provide as much leverage as possible on any new purchase.

8.         A credit repair facility will be offered, should that be necessary to achieve the best rates on any new loan.

9.         Should either party require a purchase in any city in the world, we can suggest one of the top agents of that area.

10.       Should either party require a new home, inventory not regularly shown to customers will be generated.  I show the normal MLS submittals in addition to currently off-market properties in the area of their choice, old expireds, FSBOs, and other potential sellers which are not normally shown. These options would be considered as "secret properties."

11.       All information will be presented individually or together to the divorcing couple, based on their desire.  No information will be shared about the other's business, unless permission is obtained.

12.       Weekly updates will be provided to both parties, together or separately.

13.       Updated comparable sales, current comparable listings, and current comparable expired listings will be provided weekly.

14.       All marketing, value updates, offers, and negotiations can be submitted to the clients, their attorneys, or both.

15.       Repair suggestions will be submitted to maximize value.  All repairs are guaranteed to be worth 125% of cost towards ultimate sales price.

16.       Feedback from every showing will be submitted to the designated interested parties.

17.       Re-pricing matrixes will be submitted every 30 days to make sure the property keeps pace with the market.

18.       Any contracts submitted will be explained to all interested parties.  A net proceeds analysis will be submitted.  A suggested counter offer will be tendered with the reasons for the changes and how they will help achieve the client's goals.

19.       I will be available for phone calls and online consultation with a guaranteed same day answer.

20.       I will monitor the closing while having the goal of a seamless move into new properties.

The letter would go on to ask if they have ever heard of an agent who would take on this much trouble to help clients who are going through turmoil.  I would also explain how a referral from them would reflect well on me.

You need to send these letters regularly to your list of attorneys, adding new marketing concepts and success stories.  And follow-up calls are necessary.  It all takes some time, but by following this plan, I was able to dominate my area.

This is just one more demographic for a seller lead generation system that you can dominate as my clients continue to do.  It is time you got started on the road to dominance in one of the greatest businesses ever and get on the road to becoming rich.