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Can You Use some Help on that 2012 Plan?

Nov 25, 2011

Posted by

Carla Cross

About Carla Cross, CRB, MA International speaker, trainer, and coach specializing in career development, business planning, brokerage management, leadership, and instructor development. What sets Read more

I know it's the day after turkey day (if you're in the US, of course), but, I didn't want you to miss the opportunity to take advantage of these free webinars! (Hope you had a wonderful holiday and ate too much--it's the season....)

If you're like most of us, you haven't exactly been jumping up and down, anxiously awaiting the time when you can do your business planning....

Maybe you don't know how to begin, or have never used a plan that worked, or just don't think it's important. Join me for one of these webinars and I think I can change your mind!

I've created a couple of complimentary webinars to get you in the create a business plan--and get inspired about your business, too. I've also completely updated the planning process to include six huge trends (3 for agents/3 for managers). I'll tell you the strategies you've got to put in your business to thrive in 2012.

The first webinar is for agents, or for managers who want to help their agents grab a great business plan. Here's what you'll learn in the webinar: 

•           Why your business plan doesn’t work, and what to do about it!

•           3 important trends and how they will affect your business in 2012

•           The parts of your plan that are missing--and why that's detrimental to your success

•           The 3 best strategies for your 2012 plan action plan

Join me for a fast-paced hour on Tuesday, Nov 29, at 1-2 Pacific Standard Time (that's 4 PM on the East coast). Get all the info. and register here:

Click here to register for the agents' session.

Managers: I've not forgotten you! I know how important a great business plan is for your profitability, so I've created a complimentary webinar for you too. It's on Dec. 1 --Thursday, from 1-2 PM Pacific Standard Time.

If you're having challenges getting your agents to create a plan, and want some guidance in what to do in 2012, this session is for you.

Here's what we'll cover in this webinar:

•           The secrets to making an office business plan that actually guides you to profits

•           3 big trends that will effect your office in 2012--and what you need to put into your plan to assure you're not behind the curve

•           Why your action plan isn't a blueprint--and how to design it so it guides y ou and your agents every day to success

•           The 3 best strategies for your 2012 office plan action plan

•           Three tips to get your agents to plan

•           A unique method to get loyalty, teamwork, and culturize your agents


Click here to register for the managers' session.

Can't make the 'live' sessions? Register and I'll send you the recorded webinars. The advantage of attending the 'live' sessions is that' I'll answer business planning questions and share tips on planning from the attendees.

Don't miss the free opportunity to get inspired, get information, and start getting a great plan for 2012. I know I can help you. I test marketed my planning system in the real world to assure it was customized right for real estate professionals. Then I wrote the book on business planning. I've helped thousands of agents and managers gain great plans. Let me help you, too. No esoteric theory here, just practical help!

I'm looking forward to working with you on Nov. 29 and/or Dec. 1!

Here's to an exceptional 2012!