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Are We “Governed to Death”?

Jun 15, 2022

Read this excerpt from an editorial from the Urbana Daily Courier and then try to guess the publication date. 

“Governed to Death,” an editorial in the Urbana Daily Courier about our nation’s legislation concludes with the following:

“Outside of Bolshevist Russia, the American people are the most government-ridden people in the world, and every session of Congress, every session of state legislature, marks an extension of the system.

“Among the indictments against George III in the Declaration of Independence was this:  ‘He has erected a multitude of new offices and sent hither swarms of officers to harass our people and eat out of their substance.’

“If George III could see the armies of officers of the American people under its own government that they have allowed to be imposed upon them, to harass them and eat out of their substance, he would be astonished at his own moderation.  What the fathers refused to endure, the sons submit to as meekly as a flock of sheep.

“The American people are in a process of being governed to death as well as taxed to death, in order to support the armies of office holders who have undertaken to regulate them from the cradle to the grave.  What makes the matter immeasurably worse, they seem to have lost their capacity for resistance to the ever-widening rule of bureaucracy.”


This was not a reaction to anything currently going on in Washington, as it was published over 100 years ago, on March 2, 1922.