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Happy “Independents” Day--An Editorial

Jun 28, 2018

Posted by

Charles Dahlheimer

Recognized as one of the industrys leading visionaries, Dahlheimer is publisher of The Real Estate Professional magazine and The Real Estate Executive Summary.  He co-authored Real Es Read more

Home Ownership has been at the heart of “The American Dream” since this country’s founding.  That’s one of the reasons that the housing market has such a dramatic impact on the nation’s economy.  Real estate agents should take the occasion of Independence Day to congratulate themselves on playing such an important role in the life of the nation—and in the lives of their local communities.

While there is much debate about welfare programs and entitlements, real estate agents are not at the public trough.  They are independent contractors who are paid on a “success” basis. That means that unless they accomplish the goal—helping a client buy or sell a home—there is no paycheck.

Without the expertise and efforts of the real estate industry, our economy likely would still be headed in the wrong direction.

For decades, your association has been championing the mortgage interest deduction, so important to the overall attractiveness of home ownership.  Realtor lobbying at both the national and local levels has preserved many of the benefits that homeowners enjoy today. 

After the economic downturn had left so many homeowners unable to make their payments, Realtor lobbying efforts focused on programs that would provide some relief for homeowners who were drowning in mortgage debt and facing foreclosure.  And where foreclosure was unavoidable, the real estate industry worked to create and implement “short sale” programs that helped move these properties.

Your dues dollars—and your RPAC contributions—have had a tremendous impact on legislation favorable to home ownership.

Throughout the difficulties of the past decade, the ranks of the real estate professionals have remained strong.  There are nearly one million members of the National Association of Realtors today, and there is still a rather steady stream of new agents coming into the business.  Many of these are now “second career” agents, who are coming in with lots of business experience.

The future looks very promising, with the recovery digging its heels in throughout many markets nationwide.  The future also looks very good for the real estate industry—and for those who have weathered the storms.

So as you raise the flag on Independence Day, and as you meet and greet neighbors at Fourth of July functions or backyard barbecues, take pride in the role you continue to play in keeping America strong.

Happy "Independents" Day!