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Learning the Important Stuff in Real Estate

Nov 4, 2012

Posted by

Walter Sanford

Walter Sanford has been designing and implementing real estate systems for 30 years. One of the most successful REALTORS and now wealthy from his systems, Sanford teaches his systems and strategies t Read more

Recently, I received an inquiry from John, an old friend and super-agent.  Here is his question:

 “I know it is very important to try and be the last agent in when booking a listing appointment.  What do I do when my assistant is confirming the listing appointment and finds out the seller has booked an appointment with an agent after my scheduled appointment?  Is there a script for trying to get it re-booked so we continue to have the last appointment to see the seller?”

My answer:

Most assistants cannot successfully navigate the last appointment without being clumsy.  I assume that you did not make the appointment, so let's start there.

For every appointment, you should request that you be the last agent to be interviewed.  Then reinforce this request with the client, even if there is no concern.

The assistant can say the following:

“I would like to explain why we ask to be the last interviewed.  The reason we ask to be the last appointment is so John will better understand your goal of moving to Edmonton.  When John is the last agent you interview, you will already have a good idea from the other agents of what’s available in the real estate community to achieve your goal.  Then you’ll also discover the additional and unique tools that John provides beyond other agents.  Also, your feedback will be better because you understand the process better.  John has found that clients can make better decisions about options when they have more knowledge obtained from earlier appointments.  Please call us if another agent makes an appointment after us.  We are flexible and can remake this appointment, if necessary.”

If your explanation has been given when the appointment is set and if they later violate that pact, then your assistant can say, “Let's do this:  I have an opening for the same time on Thursday.  That actually helps us because John is also waiting for another comparable that did not show in the MLS.  He has some great ideas and is looking forward to meeting you and helping you move to Edmonton."

If there any further problems, your assistant needs to get you involved.

Of course, lesser agents don’t care this much about being the last agent.  If you build the value by phone and follow-up with a killer pre-listing consultation package, your chance of them listing before you get there is low.  If you are not the last one in, the chance of them listing with someone else is greater.

You are probably going to be one of the lower-price presentations with one of the higher commissions.  You have to sell yourself after they have considered all other offers so you can handle the objections effectively.

The priorities of the pre-listing sales program are the following:

1.  Consider the motivation.

2.  Evaluate the ability.

3.  Make the appointment.

4.  Determine competition.

5.  Arrange to be the last presenter. 

It is funny how agents spend so much time working media but don’t invest the time to understand the real way this business works!