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Top Ten Ways to Tell When Your Real Estate Career Is in the Dumps

Jan 4, 2013

Posted by

Kenneth Edwards

Ken Edwards became a top-producing real estate professional after a distinguished Air Force career, enlisting as a Private and retiring as a Colonel. His assignments included tours as Director of Rese Read more

10. The Errors and Omissions insurance carrier will only  issue you a policy with a million dollar deductible.

 9. When you ask your sales manager where your invitation to the company picnic is, she keeps replying, "It's in the mail."

 8. The state real estate commissioner continues to send you "Be All You Can Be" Army recruiting literature.

 7. Your only listing has been on the market so long that it has qualified for the national roster of historic homes.

 6. The President of the local board of Realtors asks you not to wear your Realtor pin in public.

 5. Your broker changes the lock on the office door and does not give you a key.

 4. Your spouse buys a used bike and and gets an early morning paper route as a second job.

 3. The IRS sends you a sympathy card along with a credit voucher for a thousand dollars.

 2. You've been informed that you are to be featured on the new TV show "Lifestyles of the destitute and obscure."

 1. Your mother lists her home with another agent.


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