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Creating Clients for Life —• Inside a 98% Referral Business With Bob Wolff (DVD)

Jul 18, 2010

Posted by

Kenneth Edwards

Ken Edwards became a top-producing real estate professional after a distinguished Air Force career, enlisting as a Private and retiring as a Colonel. His assignments included tours as Director of Rese Read more

By David Knox, David Knox Productions, Minneapolis, MN. $95. Orders and information:

Those real estate professionals who have been in the business for several years and have prospered are almost unanimous in stating that the majority of their current business comes from past clients and referrals from them. However, that idyllic situation does not just happen. It takes hard work and a system to create “clients for life.” As the title of this DVD indicates, that’s its major objective.

This is the latest in a series of Real Estate Live DVDs produced by David Knox. You can get detailed information about David and his offerings by visiting his web site at In addition to producing a variety of products designed for both consumers and real estate professionals, he conducts live seminars, having appeared at 15 National Association of Realtor® conventions. I’ve attended more than one of his presentations and can attest to the fact that they are both lively and extremely informative.

This particular DVD focuses on the real estate career of Bob Wolff, a veteran real estate professional who now operates a RE/MAX brokerage in Dana Point, California, a sea side community between San Clemente and San Juan Capistrano in southern California. You can visit his website at When I checked it out Bob had 15 listings featured. The most expensive was a modest little five bedroom five bath, seven thousand square foot ocean front bungalow listed at $15,900,000. The least expensive listing was priced at $450,000. As Dorothy would say, “We’re definitely not in Kansas anymore, Toto.”

Wolff started his career as a 21 year old in Fort Collins, Colorado. He relocated to California in 1989. To say his sales record over the years is impressive would be an understatement. His total annual sales now is in the $100 million range. He does have a team working with him, but he’s the person who does the face to face listing and selling activities with clients.

I’ve attended many seminars over the years conducted by mega producers in real estate. I will have to admit that in most of them, I was greatly impressed, but found it hard to relate what the individual was promoting to my everyday real estate activities in a small university town in Oregon. Not so with Wolff’s approach. He comes across as a down to earth, hard working individual whose major key to success (in addition to his seven day a week work schedule) is his ability to establish rapport with clients. While he stresses the importance of keeping up with and using the latest technology, his major emphasis is on the “people connection.” The end result is that almost all of his business is from past clients and referrals and 95% of it within seven miles of his office.

While the DVD does feature several scenes with Wolff interacting with real clients, the majority consists of Knox asking probing and pertinent questions. These are the main feature contents of the DVD: Techniques for Growing Your Business, Methods for Generating Leads, Securing Listings, Working With Buyers, and Managing the Business. When Knox reviewed the final product I’m sure he felt that many viewers would be intimidated by the large numbers associated with the property values and the annual sales figures. He therefore introduces the DVD by explaining how the viewer can adapt the Wolff approach to individual circumstances and goals.

Whether you’re just getting started in the real estate profession, or a veteran making big bucks, I highly recommend this product.