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Ken Baris


Meet Ken Baris

Ken Baris, president of Jordan Baris Realtors in New Jersey, is among the real estate industry’s most prolific and dynamic leaders.

He is the proud recipient of the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, 2012 Presidents Award for Service and 2010 Transaction of the Year for outstanding client experience.  Immediate Past President of the NY Metro Group of Leading RE, member CRB Board of Directors, member Zillow Broker Advisory Board, Member Mobile Real Estate ID Board and Executive Committee of eLumindata Inc.  Frequently in the media and a popular speaker.  Ken is often featured in national publications and conventions.

An innovator, Ken created Top Presenter, winner of the NAR software of the year when launched and is heralded for his creative approach and his easy and humorous style.

While many brokers have faced the challenges of the market in different ways, Ken Baris has clearly taken the challenge head-on and the results have been recognized by industry organizations, vendors to the brokerage community, the media and professionals who have joined the Baris organization and the outstanding Jordan Baris team who assist Ken every day to meet the company’s goals.

Ken is particularly proud of and greatly enjoys working on a daily basis with his father, Jordan Baris, who founded their company in 1952 and remains highly engaged and excited with its growth.

Simply put, Ken clearly is a leader, a recognized innovator and has great ingenuity. His energy, creativity and contagious enthusiasm have made him a well-liked national figure in real estate.