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Art Reed

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What’s the Big Deal About Seniors?


Art Reed’s world-class expertise spans over almost forty years in real estate sales, management, and training.  His undeniable charisma, personable air, and ability to speak directly to the audience count him as one of the nation's few speakers with a special edge on audience participation.  Art’s diverse background and ability to communicate clearly and efficiently to audiences of all types solidifies a unique storytelling form of dialogue within his presentations.  Subjects that might appear boring and mundane take on new life as Art Reed incorporates his humor and easygoing demeanor. 

Art entered the exciting and challenging world of real estate in Arizona in 1971.  From that time to the present, his many accomplishments include the following: Past-President of the Mesa-Chandler-Tempe Board of REALTORS® and the Kentucky Real Estate Educators Association; REALTOR®Associate of the Year for the Arizona Association of REALTORS® and the Mesa-Chandler-Tempe Board of REALTORS®; Certified Residential Specialist (Charter Member); and Master Trainer Award from the Fortune Group in Atlanta, Georgia, to name just a few. In 2009, he qualified to become a Certified Distance Education Instructor (CDEI), accrediting him to teach online real estate courses.

Art Reed was also one of the first providers to offer the Seniors Real Estate Specialist® designation. He was instrumental in re-writing the course material for SRES®, while at the same time, has developed several courses of his own.  He became a senior national instructor for the SRES® designation and was chosen twice to tape the designation course for the RE/MAX Satellite Network. Also, in 2008, Art received the Distinguished Service Award from the SRES® Council at the National Association of REALTORS® Convention in Orlando.

Art’s passion for learning and desire for seeing others understand concepts for the first time are driving forces behind his pursuit.  “It’s encouraging to me when I notice students with that ‘sparkle’ in their eyes as they initially grasp a new idea.  It makes it all worthwhile!”

Currently, Art is a Broker/Associate with HUFF Realty in Florence, Kentucky where he continues to list and sell property. He is also known to use his bi-lingual skills to assist his Spanish-speaking clients.

Art Reed continues to teach nationally. He interjects practicality as well as his personal life experiences.  This enables his students to apply what they learn in their everyday business.

Art currently resides in Northern Kentucky with his wife, Christa, and their very active Australian Shepherd, Ellie.

Discover a talent who combines empathy, perceptiveness, and personable delivery with commitment to results.  Allow Art Reed to customize an effective program for your organization and experience growth in a new dimension. 



 To contact Mr. Reed, email him at or call 859-525-5822.