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Carol Ann Wilson


Carol Ann Wilson is widely recognized as the foremost expert on marital financial issues and the leader in the field of divorce financial planning. As a Certified Financial Planner, she has been doing pre-divorce financial consulting since 1985. And in 1993, she founded the Institute for Certified Divorce Planners in order to train and enlighten attorneys, CPAs and financial professionals in the financial issues of divorce. She is the president of the Financial Divorce Association.

Carol Ann is the author of The Financial Guide to Divorce Settlement, Survival Manual to Divorce, and 40 Tips for Surviving Your Divorce. She is also co-author of The Survival Manual for Women in Divorce, The Survival Manual for Men in Divorce, ABCs of Divorce for Women and The Dollars and Sense of Divorce. As you can see, she is truly the expert.

She has also designed software which has been widely used by lawyers and financial planners to calculate the financial result of divorce settlements. And she has served as an expert witness in court for over 120 divorce cases nationwide. She frequently serves as a keynote speaker and faculty member of high-ranking legal and financial organizations and has been published in numerous professional journals such as Newsweek, Money, and Forbes.

She has appeared on the Regis Philbin Show, Geraldo, LifeTime Live, CNBC Financial News and a multitude of radio programs.

Carol Ann Wilson, CFP

Certified Financial Divorce Specialist

906 Cranberry Ct, Longmont, CO 80503