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R.E. Branch

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What To Do After An Investment Setback


R.E. Branch, MD, heads Branch Retirement Plan Investments (a Texas Company). He advises clients on how to better manage their financial affairs as they travel through the life experience and helps them to be in a better financial position to enjoy their years of retirement. Another area of great interest to R.E. is helping his clients keep their assets and financial net worth intact from generation to succeeding generation by helping his clients avoid the 45% estate tax. R.E. helps his clients enjoy financial security during the active working lives as well as during their years of enjoying the fruits of their life work during financially safe and secure years of retirement. Call R. E. for your complementary analysis and evaluation at 214-686-5877, or 972-934-3231 or email him at to set up your free and complimentary financial consultative review. Visit