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Albert Clark


For The last 15 years, Albert has been engaged in developing systems and tools that help real estate professionals differentiate their service level. Knowing there are too many "out there", he tries to make the serious ones stand out.

Along with technology, his co-passion is Homeowner Advocacy. Right after obtaining an MBA in Finance from American University, he built a non-profit advocacy organization called United Homeowners Association. There he broke down barriers to first time homeownership. He was a founding member of President Clinton's National Homeownership Strategy and aligned the common interests of the NAR, Mortgage Bankers Assoc., Nat. Assoc of Home Builders, Fannie, Freddie and a cast of others.  At UHA, Clark sought funding from many C-level executives and organizations. He was adept at housing policy, but then turned on the advocacy work to engage the myriad of interests involved in Telecom Reform, Natural Disaster Insurance, Electricity Deregulation and Consumer Protection legislation.  In summation Clark was able to affect change by building  grass roots coalitions and getting Corporate America to aid this efforts.  The Board Of Advisers he created included name brand executives from the housing trade groups, telecom, insurance, electric utility and other home-themed organizations. (yes.. Angelo Mozillo was a supporter as well as Enron!)

With his involvement in the real estate circles, came access to large brokers. He became aware of this new CD- Rom program that was going to revolutionize Real Estate Marketing. It was called Know The Neighborhood. Later on it became e-Neighborhoods. Clark was one of the first few to work the model and build momentum for the early stage technology.  In a two week period he sold over 300 copies of the program in the Long and Foster and Weichert footprint. Jim Weichert wanted to hire him as corporate trainer after one sales event where 220 of Weichert's agents pulled out their credit cards in a 30 minute period and subscribed.

Clark later moved into a National Sales Manager position and then teamed with programmers to launch HOMELOG, the first ever e-newsletter for Real Estate Professionals. As you read on, you will see he is still developing that model.

Unfortunately HOMESTORE bought e-Neighbohoods and wrecked havoc on a transformative biz/subscription model. It became clear that HOMESTORE could not handle the acquisition and along with extensive book-cooking, decimated the model, and Clark's vested stock.

Seeing that Realtors needed to stay in-touch with past clients and incubate new prospects using new technology, he started My Home Management Club, a web 1.0 e-newsletter and portal site delivering relevant, advocacy-themed content on behalf of Realtors.

In 2006, in a focus group of brokers using Clark's tools, the need for another unique service had its genesis. Clark was telling the brokers that every few years he rolls out a new service. This time, he said to the crowd-- "I want you to tell me what to build. What's your biggest problem with agent productivity?  The response was- "Our agents are lazy, not jumping on leads, taking hours  to respond to emails.....Go build something that shortens the distance between online consumers and my agent's cell phone".

Well, a tall task. Clark teamed up with some programmers he worked with in the past and quickly launched realPING Click To Talk NOW. realPING is a VOIP enabled technology that instantly connects consumers with an agents phone after "pinging an agent's button. At the time there were other VOIP platforms available for realPING to ride on, but there was a need to make the calls actionable. realPING launched with the ability for the agent to push pages, ----actually control the caller's screen, all remotely just by pushing keys on the agent's cell phone. Agents could now "push" listings, tours, documents and have them open up in real time- while on the call.  Highlights of his sales efforts included extensive sales into the Re/Max footprint. At one time, every REMAX agent in 7 states had realPING service. Today, realPING remains best in class for Click To Talk.

In the fall of 08' Clark saw a bigger void in real estate agent marketing. Getting back "into the groove" he launched HOMEACTIONS, ( a Web2.0 e-marketing tool that fuels an agents relationship building needs. HomeActions features extensive agent and broker branding, data mining, and performance metrics. As of March 2010, Home Actions has assumed the management and operations of My Home Management Club and  converted existing MHMC Agents . Recently HomeActions added Social Marketing tools and Video tools. Also launched was a unique platform for brokerages.

Albert can be reached at 570-510-3507