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Francesca Gianaris

Currently published on REP

Tips for Women Buying Solo


Fran Gianaris has been guiding single women to successfully buy homes since 2002. She launched her blog -- Bounty and Bliss: A Woman's Guide to Buying a Home of Her Own to serve and reach women around the nation. Her forthcoming book by the same title will debut in 2014. In 1995, Gianaris faced divorce and the complications of remaking her life as a single parent to two young sons. Today, she owns her own home AND a thriving real estate business in the Washington, DC area. For over a decade, she has earned rave reviews for her first-class and heart-centered services. Taking a buyer by the hand and helping her successfully navigate the sometimes rocky path of securing a home is where Gianaris' skills shine brightest. It is a path she knows well, and she is dedicated to helping single women walk it with grace and ease. She enjoys staying in touch with clients through the years and seeing how they have grown into their homes and planted their roots. Solid home ownership can anchor a woman safely in her heart's center.