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Bill McBean


Bill McBean is the author of The Facts of Business Life: What Every Successful Business Owner Knows That You Dont. McBean is currently a featured contributor for The Huffington Post and Business 2 Community. Bill began his career with General Motors of Canada Limited in 1976. After developing the Yorktown (Saskatchewan) dealership into one of the most profitable in the region, he purchased a struggling dealership in Corpus Christi, Texas. Bill turned the company around, increased sales revenue fivefold, and raised the employee count from 70 to almost 300. He also rearranged the local marketplace by acquiring a large portion of the market share from his competitors and by buying weakened competitors over a period of 11 years. The company was purchased in 2003 by AutoNation, the worlds largest automotive retailer. He is currently general partner of McBean Partners, a family-owned investment company. He is also partner and chairman of Our-Mentors, a company that works with owners to improve their businesses for long-term success.