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Jane Johnson


As a former business owner who successfully guided her business for fourteen years until it was acquired in 2004, Jane discovered how much time, planning, and preparation were necessary in order to achieve her personal goals and ensure the continuity of her business.

Jane spent the early part of her career in public accounting and finance at General Electric, and she became inspired to start her own business after becoming a certified public accountant (CPA) in 1990. Her mission was to teach business owners how to improve their operations and boost the value of their companies by leveraging technology and business-process optimization. Jane’s team developed an outstanding reputation by providing exceptional software products and consulting services to more than 350 mid-market clients in an array of industries across New England. Jane believes that her ten-year Vistage membership was instrumental to her success in building her firm’s value.

After finding a lack of objective transition advisors in the marketplace, Jane forged ahead on her own. She maximized the value of her firm and then negotiated the sale, retaining 100 percent of her clients and team members in the process. She spent the next three years as a partner in the buyer’s firm, driving continual growth in revenue from both products and services. This eye-opening experience fueled her desire to assist other business owners with their ownership transitions.

After leaving the buyer in 2007, Jane became a certified business exit consultant (CBEC), a certified merger and acquisition advisor (CM&AA), and a professional family business advisor (FBA) to further her education in the field of ownership-transition planning. In 2010, she received the Excellence in Exit Planning Achievement Award from Pinnacle Equity Solutions for her highly regarded services to business owners seeking successful ownership transitions. Today, as an independent and objective advisor, Jane remains passionate about teaching and assisting other business owners with maximizing company value and achieving all of their ownership-transition goals.