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Don't Be That Guy or That Girl

The Office Holiday Party: You can enjoy the party without being the party.

Make Your Vacation Rental Property the Hotspot of the Holiday Season

How a Buyer Qualifies YOU

You qualify buyers, but, did you know buyers qualify you? Here are 5 tips to buyers (and strategies for you) to assure you can meet tough buyer standards.

Great Agents: Truism to Follow to Create a Great Team

You're a seasoned agent. You want to expand your business by creating a team. In this blog series, I show you the 4 truisms you must follow to succeed.

Leveraging Your Social Capital

Study finds transacting with socially-affiliated clients impacts expert and firm performance.

Scrimmaging vs. Role-playing

Enjoy role-playing at work as much as you do at home.

Not just Another Job: A Labor Day Editorial

Some things to ponder if you have to pass up a Labor Day picnic to show a home, or leave the barbecue behind to present an offer.

What to Say to an Annoyed Client

Turn a listing client's complaint into an opportunity to re-engage them in the selling process.

Long-Term Care Needs Can Imperil Retirement Plans

Some helpful information for those specializing in the Senior marketplace.

Simplify Negotiations with Six Rules of Effective Communication

With a conscious effort, all sales professionals can overcome the communication barriers that block understanding in negotiation. With a little extra effort, you can improve the delivery of your message and win more sales in the process.

Feel Overwhelmed? 10 Tips to help you get you back on top!

Happy “Independents” Day--An Editorial

As you raise the flag on Independence Day, take pride in your status as an “independent contractor”—and in an industry that is so vital to the health of our national economy.

What Do You Do Differently to Beat Out Your Competition

Sellers are savvy and smarter and surveys prove they are more demanding than ever! So, what are you doing, saying, or using right now that obliterates the objection: Why should I hire you?

Zillow Surfing Survey Reveals User Habits

The company claims over 9 billion visits in 2020. But this survey reveals that 83 percent of them had no intention of buying a home.

Never Miss a Sales Opportunity from a Past Client

Remember, when the transaction closes, your relationship is just beginning.

Never Fear “Hold My Beer”

What level of risk puts you In the un-comfort zone?

Prepare Yourself for Buyer Concerns

Only in a dream world would your buyers walk through a property and say, “It’s perfect. We love it. How soon can we close?” Here are some tips for turning buyer concerns into closing opportunities.

Are You a Listing Agent or a Marketing Pro?

How you describe your services—and what you actually deliver—can have a huge impact on your success in this business. If you want to increase your value (and your income) get out of the “commodity” business!

George Slusser to Head New M&A Advisory Division at WAV Group

“As the ownership in our industry continues to age, the transfer to the next generation is underway. Broker-owners want – and need – guidance.  And with M&As, both the selling side and acquiring side benefit from independent representation.”

How Many Buyers and Sellers Will You Meet Today?

Almost EVERYONE who crosses your path may eventually buy or sell a home.