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Make Your Vacation Rental Property the Hotspot of the Holiday Season

Leveraging Your Social Capital

Study finds transacting with socially-affiliated clients impacts expert and firm performance.

Low Profile Selling

Great selling involves being “low key” in your approach. It involves developing the ability to lead people with questions rather than push them with facts. When you’re talking, you’re only spouting off what you already know.

Safety First!

Ten years ago, the National Association of Realtors took action to promote Realtor safety, and each year thereafter September has been designated “National Realtor Safety Month” to focus attention on the problem and to search out solutions.

Home Staging: An Easily Attained Skill

Want to help your sellers make their homes irresistible to buyers? Here are some tips from a featured agent on HGTV’s hit show Designed to Sell.

Not just Another Job: A Labor Day Editorial

Some things to ponder if you have to pass up a Labor Day picnic to show a home, or leave the barbecue behind to present an offer.

Great Agents: 4 Principles to Follow to Create a Great Team

Great agents: Are you thinking about building a team? Hiring your first assistant? Here are 4 important things you must have in place first to hire a winner.

Get a Firm Grip on Slippery Minutes

Lost time is the worst enemy of a successful transaction. Being slow to respond to clients’ honest concerns is a major killer of client confidence.

Never Miss a Sales Opportunity from a Past Client

Remember, when the transaction closes, your relationship is just beginning.

Sing What You Mean

You wrote an explanatory email, you sent a PowerPoint deck, you crafted a white paper, you created an infographic, you made a video, and with all that, people in the meeting still had questions. It’s because you didn’t sing what you meant.

Developing People: A Key to Eliciting Excellence

There is tremendous opportunity and satisfaction as a leader in developing others. By effectively developing the people around us, we elicit excellence in a number of far-reaching ways.

Don't Be a Headline Junkie

In today’s fast-paced world, many readers never get beyond the headlines. And headlines can be very deceiving. Here’s a good example.

Security Procedures, Privacy Policies And Identity Theft

Employers must become aware that employee information can be a wonderful source for the thief on the prowl. Take the initiative. Show your employees, prospects and customers that you have a strict privacy policy that will keep their information saf

It's About Time!

Whether you’re a whirling dervish of perpetual motion, or stalled in a state of overwhelmed paralysis, you can heal your relationship with your clock. Here are some tips to help mend the leak in your time bucket.

Simplify Negotiations with Six Rules of Effective Communication

With a conscious effort, all sales professionals can overcome the communication barriers that block understanding in negotiation. With a little extra effort, you can improve the delivery of your message and win more sales in the process.

Are You Doing All You Can Do?

We can get so caught up in elaborate "systems" that we sometimes forget the simple things that work!

Don’t Worry – You Can Manage Your Investment Property

Managing properties can be an absolute nightmare or a huge profit source. Here are some "golden rules" for successful management of your investment properties.

Never Miss a Sales Opportunity from a Past Client

Remember, when the transaction closes, your relationship is just beginning.

Seven Aspects Of “Executive Presence” – The Cornerstone For A Manager's Success

Is executive presence in your DNA or can you learn it? You’re not born with this skill but it’s not as much of a mystery as you might think. It's a blending of competencies and skills--and you can use it to create a strong personal brand.

Don't Be That Guy or That Girl

You can enjoy the party without being the party.