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Mortgage Assistance Options for Borrowers Impacted by COVID-19

Free and Clear founder, Mkchael Jensen provides a guide to programs that can help borrowers who have experienced financial hardship due to the current health crisis, such as a job loss or pay reduction, stay in their homes.

Don’t Take It Personally! Overcoming Rejection, Judgments and Criticism

Remember the Godfather's sage advice: "It's nothing personal, Sonny. It's strictly business." Ten sure-fire ways to avoid rejection.

How To "Magnetize" Your Ideal Clients

Learn how to achieve financial success by applying the 5 steps of the Law of Attraction to your everyday endeavors.

Use Your Sphere of Influence to Double Your Income

Your sphere of influence can be the greatest source of referrals. Here are 5 tips to help you dig in and get the “gold.”

Manage Information. Don't Be Abused By It

The more information we attempt to consume, the more we seek to acquire. Self Management needs to include some "shelf management" to prevent information overload.

Learning the Important Stuff in Real Estate

It's amazing how agents spend so much time working media but don’t invest the time to understand the real way this business works!

Seven Tips to Thrive This Holiday Season

Are you wondering how to survive this Holiday Season? How about transforming stress into joy? How about making more money, instead of going in the hole? Here are seven tips to help you thrive this Holiday Season, financially, emotionally, and ener

How Many Buyers and Sellers Will You Meet Today?

Almost EVERYONE who crosses your path may eventually buy or sell a home.

Dawdle Now, Pay Later

Killing Your Clients with Kindness . . . and Value

Scrimmaging vs. Role-playing

Enjoy role-playing at work as much as you do at home.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies: Top Secrets to More Listings

Are self-limiting beliefs holding you back?

Eight Ways to Be Memorable at Networking Events

Here are some strategies that let you walk into a room with quiet self-assurance, confident that people will enjoy meeting you and will recall you afterwards.

Are You Intimidated By Higher-End Clients?

Are you ready to approach those "higher-end" clients? Here are some tips on getting rid or self-limiting beliefs that may be holding you back.

Stop Being so Hard on Yourself

Here are some tips on how to change your motivational strategy.

Long-Term Care Needs Can Imperil Retirement Plans

Some helpful information for those specializing in the Senior marketplace.

Leadership’s #1 Sin: Hanging Onto The Wrong Person

Hanging onto the wrong person, in the wrong job, for too long can be management’s biggest sin. It causes harm to the performance of a company and gives leadership the most grief.

How To Turn Down Time Into Prime Time

Don't just wait for something to happen each day. Learn to take a proactive, structured approach to your down-time, and you will shape your days rather than being shaped by them.

How to Sell Tough Customers!

Even the toughest customers need the services that you offer. And they will buy from someone. Here’s some great advice that can be applied to your next interview with a potential listing client.

Manage Information, Don't Be Abused by It

The more information we attempt to consume, the more we seek to acquire. Self Management needs to include some "shelf management" to prevent information overload.