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For Brokers/Managers and Trainers

Great Agents: 4 Principles to Follow to Create a Great Team

Great agents: Are you thinking about building a team? Hiring your first assistant? Here are 4 important things you must have in place first to hire a winner.

The Second Foundation to Profits: Standards

Many times we avoid setting standards because we are either afraid to, or don't know how to do it in a way that brings all the agents with you. Here's what standards should mean to you and what you should measure.

Recruiters: What's your 'Attractiveness' Quotient?

If you're recruiting and not getting the results you want, it may be because you're not 'attractive'. Here's how to create powerful magnets to recruit winners.

What a Master 'Farmer' Can Teach Managers

What can a master 'farmer' teach managers? Here are 3 big principles that will make your agents more $$$$--and inspire them. For reluctant lead generators!

Eleven Questions You Should Ask to See if Your Training Worked

Everybody says they 'have training'. But,what training worked to launch your career? Answer these 11 questions to see how well your training worked for you.

What 'Grade' Would You Give your Training?

Managers brag about their training--but do they really know if it's good? Here are 11 questions to ask the agents who took the training. Time to tune it up!

Recruiting: Six Reasons They Stay—and How to Move Them

Why do agents stay? Here are 6 reasons--and how you can handle those objections to hire great candidates.

If Your Training Isn’t Working for You

Real estate agents: Here's why your training didn't work for you, and what to do about it.

Become a More Inspiring Leader in 2016

Habits can be a trap for people in leadership positions. Simply making a New Year’s resolution to have a more open mind in 2016 likely won’t be enough. Here are 4 tips for broadening your mind and your leadership skills

“We’re Number TWO!” You’d Never Say It…But You Might Be Living It

Check out these 8 red flags that might be keeping your company out of first place.

Vision: A Foundation You Must Have to Profit

You're reasonably profitable; you want large, sustainable profits.Here, we investigate what Carla Cross has found are the 4 foundations to profit First, vision.

How to Help Your Agents Gain Confidence

How many sales opportunities do your agents lose because of lack of confidence? How good are they at branding themselves? Here's how to help them stand out.

Danger: Don't Wait To Train Your Agent Until Training Starts!

Here are 3 things NOT to do to assure your new agents hit the ground running (and almost all brokers do them!) And, here's what to do to assure your new agents make it fast and with confidence.

So You Think Your Training is 'Working'......

All real estate companies say they have training. But, what training actually makes a positive difference to an agent? Here's how to evaluate your training and make it work as a production AND a recruiting tool.

Secrets of Success from a Master ‘Farmer’

Four Tips to Avoid Hiring an Agent from He.......

Ever hired an agent you thought 'fit your team' but found out he only gave you fits? Four tips to assure that never happens again!

Are You Getting the Best Performance from Your Agents?

Are you getting the best performance from your real estate agents? Poor performance leads to low production. 5 tips to increase production and profits.

Presenting? Why Not Polish Your Presentation with New Techniques

Presenters: Here are 2 methods to revive that audience! Keep them on the edge of their seats. Don't settle for boring lectures. Learn some new techniques.

Which Agents are Really Your Team Builders?

Think that your top producing agent is your best team builder? Think again. Here's a fair method to assess who's really most valuable to your team.

How Coach able Are You? Two Important Attributes

Thinking about coaching? But, how do you know your coaching will succeed? Two attributes you must have to get your money's worth.