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For Real Estate Agents

How a Buyer Qualifies YOU

You qualify buyers, but, did you know buyers qualify you? Here are 5 tips to buyers (and strategies for you) to assure you can meet tough buyer standards.

Long-Term Care Needs Can Imperil Retirement Plans

Some helpful information for those specializing in the Senior marketplace.

Recruiters: What's your 'Attractiveness' Quotient?

If you're recruiting and not getting the results you want, it may be because you're not 'attractive'. Here's how to create powerful magnets to recruit winners.

Safety First!

Nearly twenty years ago, the National Association of Realtors took action to promote Realtor safety, and each year thereafter September has been designated “National Realtor Safety Month” to focus attention on the problem and to search out solutions.

Great Agents: 4 Principles to Follow to Create a Great Team

Great agents: Are you thinking about building a team? Hiring your first assistant? Here are 4 important things you must have in place first to hire a winner.

The Second Foundation to Profits: Standards

Many times we avoid setting standards because we are either afraid to, or don't know how to do it in a way that brings all the agents with you. Here's what standards should mean to you and what you should measure.

What Bob Vila Is Telling Your Future Clients

Known and trusted by millions of homeowners who have followed his advice for more than 30 years, This Old House host Bob Vila is now offering words of wisdom on how to choose a real estate agent. If you want to land their business, you need to know

What a Master 'Farmer' Can Teach Managers

What can a master 'farmer' teach managers? Here are 3 big principles that will make your agents more $$$$--and inspire them. For reluctant lead generators!

Eleven Questions You Should Ask to See if Your Training Worked

Everybody says they 'have training'. But,what training worked to launch your career? Answer these 11 questions to see how well your training worked for you.

What 'Grade' Would You Give your Training?

Managers brag about their training--but do they really know if it's good? Here are 11 questions to ask the agents who took the training. Time to tune it up!

If Your Training Isn’t Working for You

Real estate agents: Here's why your training didn't work for you, and what to do about it.

Can You Answer: Why List with Me?

Why should someone list or buy with you? How strong (or lame) is your answer? Here's how to define and test your value proposition to win more often.

New Agents: Are You Bringing Your Life With You Into Real Estate?

Whether you're a new or experienced real estate agent, lack of confidence will hamper your productivity. Here's how to gain confidence and trust of clients by optimizing your life talents and skills.

Does Your Motivation Leave When the Going Gets Tough?

It can get tough in real estate sales (and management). Here are 4 ways to revive your motivation and get inspired when obstacles threaten to overcome you.

How to Help Your Agents Gain Confidence

How many sales opportunities do your agents lose because of lack of confidence? How good are they at branding themselves? Here's how to help them stand out.

If We Believe What We See, Why are You Talking so Much?

Listings are hard to get--lots of competition. How masterful is your presentation? There's one common mistake agents make--and here's how to avoid it--win more!

Danger: Don't Wait To Train Your Agent Until Training Starts!

Here are 3 things NOT to do to assure your new agents hit the ground running (and almost all brokers do them!) And, here's what to do to assure your new agents make it fast and with confidence.

Secrets of Success from a Master ‘Farmer’

5 Best Questions to Ask in your Interview

New agents: Are you prepared with the right questions for your interview? Here are the top 5 you should ask--and what to listen for in the answers.

When Did You Plan on Starting to Talk to People?

You're not enjoying the success you thought you would. But, you're putting off lead generating. Here's why it will be detrimental to your career success.