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The Definition of "Work"

Multi-millionaire Joe Girard is known as the top automotive salesperson of all time. No one even comes close to his career numbers. Joe was once asked about his secret to success. He responded: “When I eat, I eat. When I sleep, I sleep. When I

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Selling Luxury Homes? Team Up with Tesla!

Visitors to "Net Zero" open house in the Hamptons will be able to test drive newest Tesla on site.

“We’re Number TWO!” You’d Never Say It…But You Might Be Living It

Check out these 8 red flags that might be keeping your company out of first place.

The (Negative) Power of the Assumption

"I think there is a world market for maybe five computers." -- a 1943 forecast by Thomas J. Watson, Chairman of the Board at IBM.

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A Pox on our Pathetic Parade of Processionary Pols

Processionary Caterpillars, like fledgling politicians, begin their occupational lives by ranging far and wide in search of food to satisfy their voracious appetites. Through trial and error, they learn that the path of least resistance is attaching

Start Your Career on the Right Foot: Three Ultimate Real Estate Contact Management Tips

Whether you're a brand new agent trying to start off on the right foot, or just looking for a way to get your business into high gear, this article is for you.