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Ready to celebrate The Fourth of July?

Sport your stars and stripes while admiring the architecture that shaped our country. It doesn’t get more patriotic than this.

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Relocation: Should You Stay or Move?

New Quiz Adds a Little Fun to the Decision Process

What Will You Do with the Rest of Your Life?

Here are some mental exercises and suggestions from Digital Media guru, Shelly Palmer, that might help get you on the right path.

Non-Conventional Listing Requires Non-Conventional Marketing

Thinking outside the box gets listing, lands buyer for $13.9 million estate.

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Ten Personal Growth Commitments

Keep the “main thing” the main thing! Avoid the “shiny object syndrome” in order to focus on the most important thing facing you at any given time.

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History Lessons on Gaining Independence

As we gear up to celebrate our nation’s independence, it might be wise to give some thought to financial independence as well. There are some lessons to be learned from the past that might help us deal with today’s and tomorrow’s economic trends.

What’s Hot in Luxury Market? Europe, Middle East and Africa!

Ultra-Wealthy Buyers Look to Diversify their Holdings

Home of Texas Oil Giant, H.L. Hunt on Market at $19 Million

Dallas version of President George Washington’s home, now considered to be an historical landmark estate.